The next 4 years

I am asking for your support of my re-election campaign for Tamarac City Commissioner, District 4.

Some of the issues that I want to bring to fruition are:

  • Woodmont redevelopment.
  • Fire Station 36.
  • Signage program throughout District 4.
  • Waters Edge Park.
  • Several art sculptures within District 4.
  • Insure City beautification program is utilized by communities within District 4.
  • Modify Code requirements to meet the needs of residents.

The Right Experience

Giving Back

Whenever there is a need I am always there to help. Eliciting the help of friends and neighbors,  we collected food and toys for the needy children at a Family Central facility. This is becoming an annual event.

Helping Those in Need

Insuring students who are provided meals at school, continued to be nourished when school is not in session, has become a mission. In 2016, a food drive was held in District 4 which provided the necessities for many Tamarac needy families. In 2017, the drive has been extended to all Districts. 

VA Crossing

Any issue that involves a veteran is always a priority to me. The need for a safer drop off crossing at the VA Clinic, on Commercial Boulevard, was definitely just that. This was an involved issue as it involved Broward County roads, Sunrise to the south and Tamarac to the north side of Commercial.

Working with the MPO ( Metropolitan Planning Organization) as a board member along with Broward County Commissioners, allowed a solution to this problem.

Paratransit Service was enlisted and enabled each veteran to be picked at their home and dropped off at the front door of the Clinic. Our veterans deserve our support in every way. 


COPs Program

While the COPs (Citizen Observer Patrol) has been around for quite a while, it was important to me that District 4 benefit from this program. With the support of concerned citizens within the district the COPs Program was revitalized. This group has administered aid to motorists, helped find a  lost child and waited with residents in need for BSO to arrive. I have  recently completed a COP ride-along with COPs recruiter Bob Fortier.

Thank you all for keeping us safe.

7-Eleven Gives to Tamarac Elementary School

Partnerships with local businesses is a resource I became aware of through 711. 

The 7-Eleven Corporation has granted $711.00, to the students of Tamarac Elementary School, They are eligible for this grant each year.

In addition, they are supplying food vouchers to BSO and our COPs.

Thank you 711.

Woodmont Country Club

For more than 10 years the Woodmont Redevelopment Project has consumed the lives of those whose landscape might change. As a resident , I have lived every word written, scrutinized every action taken, questioned every turn this project has and will take until it is completed. One thing I am is tenacious and committed. It is my obligation to protect the community and oversee each phase of this redevelopment. I do not take this lightly.

If you see someone out on site with a Pink Hard Hat, that is me, watching every step.

The Right Choice

New Signs

Several years ago a new signage program was announced but became a silent subject. I was however able to participate in a new design as the old one needed to be revised. The program is now in full swing and the first signs have been installed at City Hall and the Community Center.

I, as your District 4 Commissioner have ensured our district will receive its fair share.

City Art

Being the City Liaison to the Public Art Committee has been a dream come true. I love art in all forms. It is totally subjective and allows thought, emotion and conversation to ensue. The City's art program has grown in size and scope and will continue to do so as funds are collected from developers within our city. It is wonderful to be part of this process. I started with the selection of the artist and the design for the Veterans Honor Wall, the Albert Palley sculpture on the new Fire Rescue Station #78, Inspiration way on Nob Hill and the new images soon to be affixed to the crossover on University Drive, to name a few. Art will bring innovation and culture to our city.

Faster response

We currently have a temporary Fire Rescue Station #36 . In order to increase the response time of our Fire Rescue teams an additional station is being erected in District 4. Based on the newly dedicated station on Commercial Boulevard, I am determined to see that our station is just as incredible to serve our needs.

Veterans 365

 A passion of mine is our veterans. We can never do enough for our veterans. Advocating for our veterans is very personal to me. My late husband was a Vietnam Veteran and lost his life due to his service. It truly hits home to do everything possible to honor and remember our vets. Veterans Day 365. 

Green Space for District 4

  I am overseeing the development of the plans for our new Water's Edge Park. Located on NW 66th Street just east of University Drive. With the help of the residents Water's Edge Park will become a reality with an innovative design. 

Continuing Advocacy


Having been approached by Dr. Barbara Weinstein, CEO of Family Central, and learning of the need to protect and provide food for our children, I joined the Board of Family Central and made a commitment to do what I could for others.

Making sure food is available to the children, while school is in recess, and that no one went hungry was my first task. Knowing if you ask people for help, they will indeed help. Food drives in our communities have been very successful and I am ever so grateful for the response.

Thanksgiving and holiday baskets were created after the momentum of the food drives.

Contact me if you wish to help. I will continue to spearhead this practice until there is no longer a need.


Community Service


  • Board of Directors, Family Central, Inc.  2017 - present
  • Board Member, University Hospital   2016 - present
  • Board Member, Broward Matropolitan Planning Organization   2015 - present
  • Advisory Board Member, Broward County Community Action Agency   2014 - 2015
  • Committee Member, Broward League of Cities Local Issues   2014 - 2015
  • Co-President, Woodmont Property Owners Association   2012 - 2013
  • Secretary, Woodmont Property Owners Association   2010- 2012
  • Secretary Palm Ridge and Les Jardins Home Owners Association   2009-2013
  • Board Member, Palm Ridge and Les Jardins Home Owners Association   2006 - 2013
  • Member, Broward League of Cities   2013 - present
  • Member, Tamarac Chamber of Commerce   2013 - present
  • Member, Tamarac Historical Society   2013 - present
  • Member, Tamarac Public Art Committee   2013 - present
  • Member, Broward Veterans Coalition   2013 - 2015
  • Member, Mandarin Women's Club, Jacksonville   2000 - 2002
  • Member, Literacy Advocate Committee, Jacksonville School Board   2000 - 2002

Professional Experience


  • Director of Telecommunications/Point of Sales, JBryons   1975 - 1990
  • Peoples Gas System, Manager of Customer Service   1972 - 1975



  • Notre Dame Academy
  • NCR POS Management
  • IBM POS Management
  • Northern Telecom System Management

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